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Opening November 24 for guests 21 and older.

This whimsical pop-up cocktail bar will immerse guests into a non-negotiable state of Christmas spirit. With delightfully ostentatious holiday décor, delectable cocktails, and the nostalgia of childhood’s dancing sugar-plum visions, Miracle at Union Station is certain to convert even the grouchiest of grinches. And for those who celebrate the eight crazy nights, the bar also features a proudly designated Hanukkah table amidst the Christmas frenzy.

Due to high demand for Miracle at Union Station, we will be charging a non-refundable $2 per guest to confirm each reservation. In the spirit of the season, Denver Union Station will donate 100% of these proceeds to Children’s Hospital Colorado.


miracle menu box

Due to the high demand for Miracle this holiday season, we kindly ask that your party conforms to our table time limits listed below. We want everyone to get a chance to enjoy Miracle and we appreciate your cooperation.

Parties up to 4 Guests: 1 Hour and 15 Minutes
Parties over 4 Guests: 1 Hour and 30 Minutes