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Permission for Photography/Filming

Photography and videography for personal use are allowed inside of the Great Hall and do not require permission from Denver Union Station. In order to capture photography inside of the station without a permit, photographers and subjects must abide by the following rules:

  • Photography and videography are only allowed in the Great Hall of Union Station. No shoots are allowed on upper or lower levels, including The Crawford Hotel, The Cooper Lounge, and all tenants within Denver Union Station.
  • Photoshoots must be limited to 45 minutes or less.
  • No additional equipment of any kind is to be used; this includes tripods, lighting, and reflectors. Hand-held stabilizers are allowed.
  • No flash photography is allowed inside of Denver Union Station.
  • Photographer and/or subject(s) being photographed cannot ask Denver Union Station guests to relocate or move and cannot reserve any areas within the Great Hall. Additionally, photographers and subjects cannot obstruct entrances, exits, walkways, or any path of travel within the transportation hub.
  • Photographers and/or subject(s) being photographed must follow Denver Union Station’s Code of Conduct.

All commercial photography or videography, including product or fashion shoots used for promotional marketing, requires approval and a permit from Denver Union Station. For more information regarding our permitting process for commercial photography and videography, please direct your inquiry to