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RTD Free MetroRide

This service offers weekday rush-hour service between Union Station and Civic Center Station, making limited stops along 18th and 19th Streets. This free bus service runs during weekday rush hours (5:00 am – 9:08 am and 2:30 pm – 6:35 pm) and provides convenient connections to bus, light rail, and commuter rail. The Free MetroRide is a fast, reliable alternative and convenient companion to the 16th Street Free MallRide.



Union Station Gate 13 Union Station Gate 22 19th & Blake 19th & Lawrence 19th & Curtis 19th & Stout Broadway & 18th Civic Center Station Lincoln & 17th 18th & Glenarm 18th & California 18th & Curtis 18th & Lawrence 18th & Market 18th & Wazee
First 5:02a 5:03a 5:05a 5:07a 5:08a 5:09a 5:10a 5:14a 5:15a 5:17a 5:19a 5:21a 5:22a 5:24a 5:26a
AM Last 9:13a 9:14a 9:16a 9:18a 9:19a 9:20a 9:22a 9:14a 9:15a 9:18a 9:19a 9:22a 9:23a 9:24a 9:26a
First 2:26p 2:27p 2:30p 2:31p 2:33p 2:34p 2:36p 2:29p 2:30p 2:32p 2:34p 2:36p 2:37p 2:38p 2:39p
PM Last 6:36p 6:37p 6:39p 6:41p 6:42p 6:43p 6:45p 6:49p 6:50p 6:52p 6:53p 6:55p 6:56p 6:57p 6:58p

Where to Catch It

The Free MetroRide operates out of five dedicated gates in the underground Union Station Bus Concourse.

Gates 1 & 2

Drop-off only; near the historic building and commuter rail station

Gate 11

Drop-off only; nearest gate to the light rail station

Gate 13

Boarding only; nearest gate to the light rail station and Chestnut Pavilion

Gate 22

Boarding only; near the historic building and commuter rail station


Free MetroRide Stops

Union Station to Civic Center Station

Union Station Bus Concourse
19th St. & Blake St.
19th St. & Lawrence St.
19th St. & Curtis St.
19th St. & Stout St.
Broadway & 18th St.
16th Ave. & Broadway

Civic Center Station to Union Station

17th Ave. & Lincoln St.
18th St. & Glenarm Pl.
18th St. & California St.
18th St. & Curtis St.
18th St. & Lawrence St.
18th St. & Market St.
18th St. & Wazee St.